Student Publications & Awards

Recent Student & Faculty Collaboration

PhD Candidate Chagai Weiss and Professor Jonathan Renshon's article forthcoming in The American Journal of Political Science

Chagai Weiss co-authored "Abstraction and Detail in Experimental Design" with Ryan Brutger (UC-Berkley), Joshua D. Kertzer (Harvard), Jonathan Renshon (UW-Madison), and Dustin Tingley (Harvard).

PhD Candidate Rochelle Snyder Publishes Paper with Professor Barry Burden in the American Politics Research Journal

Rochelle Snyder co-authored “Explaining Uncontested Seats in Congress and State" with Professor Barry Burden.

Recent Publications from our Current Graduate Students

2022 & Forthcoming

Saloni Bhogale and Pavithra Suryanarayan. 2023. “India: The Good, the Bad, and the Deadly Consequences” in Nils Ringe and Lucio Rennó (eds.). 2023. Populists and the Pandemic: How Populists Around the World Responded to COVID-19, Routledge (Extremism & Democracy Series).

Marta Lorimer and Ethan vanderWilden. 2023. “France: Balancing Respectability and Radicalization in a Pandemic” in Nils Ringe and Lucio Rennó (eds.). 2023. Populists and the Pandemic: How Populists Around the World Responded to COVID-19, Routledge (Extremism & Democracy Series).

Anton ShirikovValeriia Umanets and Yoshiko Herrera. 2023 “Russia: Muddling Through Populism and the Pandemic” in Nils Ringe and Lucio Rennó (eds.). 2023. Populists and the Pandemic: How Populists Around the World Responded to COVID-19, Routledge (Extremism & Democracy Series).

Aili Mari Tripp and Thomas S. Worth. 2022. “War, Peace, and Security.” The Routledge Global History of Feminism. Eds. Bonnie G. Smith and Nova Robinson.

Bassan-Nygate, Lotem & Gadi Heimann. “Dealing with Guilt and Shame in International Politics”. International Relations. March 2022.

Brutger, Ryan, Joshua D. Kertzer, Jonathan Renshon, & Chagai M. Weiss. “Abstraction and Concreteness in Experimental Designs.” Accepted for Publication with Cambridge University Press, Elements in Experimental Political Science series (edited by James Druckman).

Brutger, Ryan, Joshua D. Kertzer, Jonathan Renshon, Dustin Tingley and Chagai M. Weiss. “Abstraction and Detail in Experimental Design.” Forthcoming at The American Journal of Political Science.

Philip D. Bunn (forthcoming 2022) “Silicon Valley Stoics?: Life-Hacking, Transhumanism, and Stoic Therapy”, Political Science Reviewer.

Hyo Won Lee, Yena Kim, and Whasun Jho, “Domestic Politics and Requests for UNESCO’s International Assistance Program”, Forthcoming, International Interactions.

Jensen, Katherine and Lisa M. Sousa Dias. “Varied Racialization and Legal Inclusion: Haitian, Syrian, and Venezuelan Forced Migrants in Brazil.” American Behavioral Scientist, (March 2022).

Langlois, Jérémie. “When reorganizing coercion backfires: explaining the mechanisms of revolt in Sudan and Algeria,” Democratization, (April 2022).

Lorimer, Marta & Ethan vanderWilden. (forthcoming) “France: Balancing respectability and radicalization in a pandemic.” In Populists and the Pandemic: How Populists Around the World Respond to COVID-19, eds. N. Ringe and L. Renno. London: Routledge.

Peter EriksonMarko Kljajic, and Nadav Shelef. Forthcoming. “Domestic military deployments in response to COVID-19.” Armed Forces & Society.

Qian, Juan. “Historical Ethnic Conflicts and the Rise of Islamophobia in Modern China.” 2021. Forthcoming in Ethnopolitics.

Shirikov, Anton. “The Oligarch Vanishes: Defensive Ownership, Property Rights, and Political Connections.” Forthcoming at Quarterly Journal of Political Science. (With John Earle, Scott Gehlbach, and Solomiya Shpak.)

Shirikov, Anton. “Russia: Muddling Through Populism and the Pandemic.” Forthcoming in: Renno, Lucio, and Nils Ringe (eds.). Populists and the Pandemic: How Populists Around the World Respond to COVID-19. Routledge. With Yoshiko M. Herrera and Valeriia Umanets.

Tennyson, Timothy T. 2022. “Cicero’s Romulus and the Crafting of Historical Exempla.” History of Political Thought, Vol. 43, No.1. (Forthcoming).

Weiss, Chagai M., Alexandra Siegel, and David Romney “How Threats of Exclusion Mobilize Palestinian Political Participation.” Forthcoming at The American Journal of Political Science.

Xinzhi Zhao, “Ideological Context and the Study of Political Theory,” Hobbes Studies, Vol. 35, Issue 1, 2022, forthcoming.


Bassan-Nygate, Lotem & Chagai M. Weiss. “Party Competition and Cooperation Shape Affective Polarization: Evidence from Natural and Survey Experiments in Israel“. Comparative Political Studies. July 2021. doi:10.1177/00104140211024283

Bassan-Nygate, Lotem. “My Heart is in the West: Formation of Western Identity in Israel around the Korean War“. Politika, 30 (2021): 40-61.

Philip D. Bunn (2021) “Transcendent Rebellion: The Influence of Simone Weil on Albert Camus’ Esthetics”, Perspectives on Political Science, DOI: 10.1080/10457097.2021.1997529

Burden, Barry C. and Rochelle Snyder. 2021. “Explaining Uncontested Seats in Congress and State Legislatures.” American Politics Research. 

Carter, Kate M. “Internet Access and Control in Uganda”. In Examining Internet and Technology around the World, ed. Laura M. Steckman (Santa Barbara: ABC-CLIO, 2021).

Frederick R. Chen. 2021. “Extended Dependence: Trade, Alliances, and Peace.” Journal of Politics  83(1): 246–259.

Haftel, Yoram Z., Soo Yeon Kim, & Lotem Bassan-Nygate. “High-Income Developing Countries, FDI Outflows and the International Investment Agreement Regime“, World Trade Review, August 2021, 1-17. doi:10.1017/S1474745621000434

Kustov, Alexander, Dillon Laaker, and Cassidy Reller. 2021. “The Stability of Immigration Attitudes: Evidence and Implications.” Journal of Politics. 83 (4): 1478-1494.

Levi Bankston & Barry C. Burden (2021) “Voter mobilization efforts can depress turnout”, Journal of ElectionsPublic Opinion and Parties.

Lu, Jiaqi. “The Politics of Coal in the United States.” Book chapter, Political Determinants of Energy and Climate Policy, Routledge Press, forthcoming 2021, with Gregory Nemet.

Lu, Jiaqi“Investigation of a coupling coordination degree model between low-carbon development and air quality in China.” Advances in Climate Change Research (2021) (with T. Liu and Q. Song, and Y. Qi).

Omar O. Dumdum & Levi Bankston (2021) “The Interplay of Actors in Political Communication: The State of the Subfield“, Political Communication, DOI: 10.1080/10584609.2021.1966597.

Shirikov, Anton. “Who Gets Ahead in Authoritarian Parliaments? The Case of the Russian State Duma.” (2021). The Journal of Legislative Studies.

Weiss, Chagai M. “Diversity in Israeli Healthcare Institutions Reduces Prejudice towards Arabs.” Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences, 118.14 (2021).

Zhao, Xinzhi. “A Ciceronian Defense of Democratic Participation.” Política & Sociedade, vol. 20, no. 47, 2021, pp. 103–129., doi:10.5007/2175-7984.2021.e78929.


Angulo Amaya, M.C., Anthony Bertelli, and Eleanor Woodhouse. 2020. “The Political Cost of Public-Private Partnerships: Theory and Evidence from Colombian Infrastructure Development.” Governance, 1-18.

Jessica H. Darrow & Jess Howsam Scholl (2020) “Chaos and Confusion: Impacts of the Trump Administration Executive Orders on the US Refugee Resettlement System”, Human Service Organizations: Management, Leadership & Governance, 44:4, 362-380, DOI: 1080.23303131.2020.1767745.

Judge-Lord, Devin. “Data and Methods for Analyzing Interest Group Influence in Rulemaking” with Daniel Carpenter, Brian Libgober, Steven Rashin. Interest Groups & Advocacy (2020).

Judge-Lord, Devin. “Do Private Regulations Ratchet Up? How to Distinguish Types of Regulatory Stringency and Patterns of Change” with Benjamin Cashore and Constance McDermott in Organization & Environment 33:1 (2020).

Lu, Jiaqi. “Evidence Map: Policy Implications of the Energy Transitions Literature.” Environmental Research Letters (2020). (with Gregory Nemet).

Lu, Jiaqi“Knowledge spillovers between PV installers can reduce the cost of installing solar PV.” Energy Policy 144 (2020): 111600. (with G. Nemet, V. Rai, and R. Rao).

Lu, Jiaqi. “The Policy-Driven Peak and Reduction of China’s Carbon Emissions.” Advances in Climate Change Research (2020). (with Qi, Y., N. Stern, D. King, T. Wu, & T. Liu).

Meier, Anna. “The Idea of Terror: Institutional Reproduction in Government Responses to Political Violence”. International Studies Quarterly 64 (3): 499–509 (2020).

Shirikov, Anton. “Eurasia and Post-Communism: Weasel Words?” (2020). East European Politics and Societies, Vol.34, No.2. With Yoshiko M. Herrera and Dmitrii Kofanov.

Recent Student Awards

Mildred Potter Hovland Journal Article Prize

APSA Dissertation Improvement Grant

UW-Madison Department of Political Science Best Dissertation Prize

Sabbatical Award, Institute for Humane Studies

Foreign Language and Area Studies Fellowship (FLAS)

College of Letters & Science Teaching Mentor

Fellow, ASPA’s Institute for Civically Engaged Research (ICER)

National Science Foundation (NSF) Graduate Research Fellowship (GRF)

Crawford Young Research Award

Bouchet Society Inductee

UW-Madison Department of Political Science 2022 TA Awards

George L. Mosse Graduate Exchange Fellowship

Bourse and Bazaar Foundation Visiting Fellowship

Humane Studies Fellowship

Mary Washburn Willetts Award

APSA Dissertation Improvement Grant

APSA Summer Centennial Grant

University of Wisconsin-Madison Capstone Teaching Award

University of Wisconsin-Madison Early Excellence in Teaching Award

University of Wisconsin-Madison Continuity of Instruction Award

UW-Madison Department of Political Science 2021 TA Awards

Humane Studies Fellowship

Jordan Prize, African Studies Program

Genevieve Gorst Herfurth Award for Outstanding Research in the Social Sciences

Mildred Potter Hovland Journal Article Prize

Leon Esptein Prize in American and British Politics

Adam Smith Fellowship, Mercatus Center

Research Group Funding Award (Survey of attitudes toward GMOs in Mexico), University of Wisconsin-Madison

Hsueh International Fellowship Fund, American Political Science Association

Oskar Morgenstern Fellowship, George Mason University

CREECA FLAS Fellow (Kazakh language and Central Asian area studies)

Charles and Gayle Mazursky Student Support Fund, University of Wisconsin-Madison

Ronald Rapoport Summer Research Collaborative Program

George and Sylvia Laikin Prize, Center for Jewish Studies, University of Wisconsin-Madison

Teaching Fellow Award, UW-Madison College of Letters & Sciences

Teaching Assistant Award, Integrated Liberal Studies Program

UW-Madison Department of Political Science TA Award

Don Lavoie Fellowship, Mercatus Center

Genevieve Gorst Herfurth Award, University of Wisconsin-Madison

David A. Lake Award, International Political Economy Society

Holtz Center Travel Award, University of Wisconsin-Madison

Future Faculty Partner, University of Wisconsin-Madison Teaching Academy

Graduate student research award from the Center for Russia, East Europe, and Central Asia at the University of Wisconsin-Madison

NSF GRFP Award (2019-2022)

Hawai’i/Wisconsin LUCE Faculty-Student Collaborative Research Fellowship

University of Wisconsin-Madison Early Excellence in Teaching Award

IHS Fellowship

Mildred Potter Hovland Award, Department of Political Science

IRIS Graduate Student Summer Fieldwork Award

The Morris Abrams Award in International Relations

Fulbright-Hays Doctoral Dissertation Research Abroad (DDRA) Award

Fulbright Research Award

Bradley Fellowship UW-Madison

International Relations Research Group Award

Devorah Manekin and Dr. Noga Ofek-Shlomai Research Award from Israel Institute

Charles and Gayle Mazursky Student Support Fund Award, Center for Jewish Studies

Research award, Minerva Center for Human Rights at The Hebrew University of Jerusalem

Jordan Prize (African Studies Program)

Robert F. and Jane E. Holtz Center for Science and Technology Studies