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Your college years are an exciting time in your life, a time to figure out who you are, what you want to do, and how to get there. You’ll be making a lot of important decisions at UW-Madison that will shape your future. These decisions may be challenging, but you are not alone! Your advisers are here to help you learn the skills you need to tackle the big questions.

Our department has professionals to advise you on: program planning, internship opportunities, study abroad programs, student research interests, transfer and study abroad credits, and more.


Cassie Chulick

Undergraduate Advisor

(608) 263-2396

210 North Hall

Amy Gangl

Director of Undergraduate Engagement

(608) 263-2028

302 North Hall

Rachel Margolies

Undergraduate Coordinator

(608) 262-5639

311 North Hall

New Transfer Students for fall 2020:

Once you have completed your SOAR canvas course and have scheduled an appointment with your AAS SOAR advisor, please use Starfish to schedule a major advising appointment during your assigned advising week. You can schedule an appointment with any of the Political Science Academic Advisors: Cassie Chulick, Amy Gangl, or Rachel Margolies.

Prior to your appointment, please review your DARS report and our Incoming Transfer Student Info Sheet.

If you have not registered for SOAR, please do so before scheduling advising.

All Current Students:

Advisors are available for remote advising this summer. We are offering multiple formats for remote advising appointments. Use Starfish to view and schedule these appointment options.


All currently declared students and current UW-Madison undergraduate students interested in the Political Science major are welcome to schedule an appointment. Advising appointments can be made through Starfish. You can access Starfish from your MyUW dashboard.

To add the Starfish app:

  1. Login to MyUW
  2. Search for Starfish
  3. Click Add to home for easy access
  4. Launch the app

Please click this link for instructions on how to use Starfish.

We are not currently holding drop-in hours. Remote advising appointments are available through Starfish, or you can contact advisors by email with your quick questions.


Check back for Fall Semester Peer Mentor Information!

Peer Mentors are here to answer any and all questions you may have — and can provide you with informed advice from a student’s perspective.  Whether it be about choosing classes, studying for the LSAT, studying abroad, Wisconsin in Washington, internships and career opportunities, deciding on a major, midterms/finals support or just any general question, they are here to help.



Majors in political science obtain a broader understanding of the world, but also develop important skills in critical thinking and analysis. Students who major in political science will emerge better prepared to make professional choices. These skills are indispensable in any career path you decide to pursue.
The Political Science major is concerned with exploring the exercise of power in its myriad forms and consequences. Students in the major are encouraged to explore such central issues as the ethical problems attendant to the exercise of power; the impact of historic, economic, and social forces on the operation of politics; the functioning and distinctive features of the US political system; the diversity of political systems found among nations of the world and the significance of these differences; the interaction among international actors and the causes of war and peace. When you study political science you gain practical knowledge, intellectual depth, and conceptual tools to pursue careers in law, business, journalism, public service, and education.

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