1050 Bascom Podcast

Amy Gangl, Producer

Michael Makowski and Emily Tomlin, Student Podcast Hosts and Editors

1050 Bascom brings you UW Madison political scientists talking about the pressing issues of the day.  Generous gifts from our alumni and friends help make our podcast possible.  To learn how you can support UW Political Science, visit our “Give a Gift” page today. For comments on this show or suggestions for future shows, email: 1050bascom@polisci.wisc.edu

Episode 15: Eileen Harrington: A Life and Career in Public Service at the Highest Level of Federal Government

Episode 14: A PS Grad on Finding Meaningful Work After Graduation – Advice from a PS Badger

Episode #13: Wisconsin in Washington with Bola Olaniyan, Program Director

Episode #12: Contemporary German Politics with Prof. Nils Ringe

Episode #11: Super Lawyer and Democratic Strategist Robert Barnett on UW-Madison During Vietnam and the 2020 Presidential Election

Episode #10: Prof. Ryan Owens on Supreme Court Politics, Soccer, and Mullets

Episode #9: Prof. Dan Kapust on Political Theory, Flattery and the Trump Administration, Star Trek and The Good Place

Episode #8: Prof. David Canon on Race and Politics, Election Laws and His Brewery Passport

Episode #7: Prof. Jon Pevehouse on Teaching, Research and His Love of Sports and Diet Dr. Pepper

Episode #6: Marie Koko on Professional Development and Career Exploration During College – It’s Never Too Early or Too Late

Episode #5: Prof. Nina Nurmila on Secular Feminism, Muslim Feminism, and Islamist Feminism in Indonesia

Episode #4: Emeritus Professor Robert Booth Fowler on a Life Spent Learning

Episode #3: Prof. Erica Simmons on Mobilization and Protest in Latin America

Episode #2: Prof. Eleanor Neff Powell on Power and Representation in Congress

Episode #1: Prof. Barry Burden on Gender Stereotypes in Politics and Midterms 2018