Major Requirements

Major Declaration
 _____ Complete Declaration form.
 At least one course in three of these subfields:
_____ American Government
_____ International Relations
_____ Comparative Politics
_____ Political Theory
Research Methods Course
 At least one research methods course chosen from the following:
_____ PS 170 Research Methods in Political Science (Elementary)
_____ PS 270 Understanding Political Numbers (Elementary)
_____ PS 274 Political Choice and Strategy (Elementary)
_____ PS 348 Analysis of International Relations (Intermediate)
_____ PS 373 Intro to Survey Research (Intermediate)
Upper Level Work (Must be Completed In Residence)
 At least 15 credits of upper level work in the major (courses numbered 300 or above)
Total Political Science Credits 
_____ Students must have at least 30 credits within the Political Science Department.
Here is the Undergraduate Catalog entry for the Political Science Major: BA in Political Science/ BS in Political Science