Chagai M. Weiss

Ph.D. Student: Comparative Politics | International Relations

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Research Interests:

Ethnic Politics, Political Violence, Political Economy, Urban Politics, Causal Inference, Experimental Methods & GIS


Chagai M. Weiss is a graduate student at the University of Wisconsin – Madison studying the intersection of ethnic conflicts and political economy, with a regional focus on Israel-Palestine. His main interest is in the effects of segregation and intergroup contact on intergroup relations. Additionally, he is interested in the determinants of urban violence, and the electoral consequences of violence. Methodologically, Chagai is interested in methods of causal inference and spatial analysis. His research has been supported by The Maurice Falk Center for Economic Research in Israel and The Israel Institute, and his work has been published in Political Geography. Chagai holds a B.A (cum laude) in political science and Middle Eastern Studies from the Hebrew University of Jerusalem.


Rokem, Jonathan, Chagai M. Weiss, and Dan Miodownik. “Geographies of Violence in Jerusalem: The Spatial Logic of Urban Intergroup Conflict.” Political Geography (2018).



Research award from the Minerva Center for Human Rights at The Hebrew University of Jerusalem.
FLAS Award (Arabic), Center for European Studies
Charles and Gayle Mazursky Student Support Fund Award from the Center for Jewish Studies
Devorah Manekin and Dr. Noga Ofek-Shlomai research award from Israel Institute.


Isaac and Ida Lipton Study Abroad Award and Charles and Gayle Mazursky Student Support Fund, both from Center for Jewish Studies.