Thomas Worth

Ph.D. Student: International Relations | Political Theory

Research Interests:

History of International Thought, Gender & International Relations, Feminist & Queer Theory, Pedagogy


Thomas Worth is a Ph.D. Student studying International Relations and Political Theory. His research investigates the theoretical and historical underpinnings of modern IR and considers how a gender lens emphasizing masculinities can provide new insight into contemporary concepts of interest to IR scholars like hierarchies, sovereignty, threat perception, and trust. Thomas is a Future Faculty Partner with the UW Madison Teaching Academy and is currently a Teaching Assistant for American Foreign Policy.

Prior to coming to Madison, Thomas worked as a Community Engagement Researcher for Portland Community College (PCC) and as a Hatfield Research Fellow for Portland State University (PSU). Thomas received his Associate of Arts from PCC (2011) and Bachelor of Science in Political Science from PSU (2013), as well as a Master of Arts in International Relations from the University of Chicago (2014).