Thomas Worth

Position title: Ph.D. Student: International Relations | Political Theory


Research Interests:

Gender and International Relations, Feminist Security Studies, Masculinities, International Theory


Thomas is a PhD Student studying gender and international relations. His research examines the differences between sexual identity and gender identity and uses this to explain variation in how state leaders and democratic publics perceive threats and their propensity to advocate for the use of force in international relations. He is also a Future Faculty Partner with the UW Madison Teaching Academy.

Prior to coming to Madison, Thomas worked in community engagement at Portland Community College (PCC) and as a Hatfield Research Fellow at Portland State University (PSU). He received his Associate of Arts from PCC (2011) and Bachelor of Science in Political Science from PSU (2013), as well as a Master of Arts in International Relations from the University of Chicago (2014).


Wisconsin Project on International Relations Research Grant
Summer Initiative Award
Honored Instructor Award