Anna Meier

Ph.D. Candidate: Comparative Politics | International Relations

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Dissertation Title:
The Idea of Terror: Ideology and Context at the Radicalization-Recruitment Nexus

Andrew Kydd
Jon C. W. Pevehouse
Jonathan Renshon
Jessica L. P. Weeks
Helen M. Kinsella

Research Interests:

International Relations, International Security, Political Violence, Insurgency, Terrorism, Foreign Fighters, Text as Data


Anna Meier is a Ph.D. candidate in political science at the University of Wisconsin–Madison. She specializes in international security and political violence, with a particular interest in how state actors think about violence. Her dissertation research problematizes continued academic, government, and public contention over what constitutes “terrorism”, taking this disagreement as a site of state identity production and reproduction that sheds light on variation in counterterrorism policy, organizational recruitment strategies, and individual patterns of participation in political violence across states. She is also interested in questions of the legitimation of nonstate actors, the study of emotions in international relations, and text as data.

Prior to coming to UW, Anna worked at the START Consortium at the University of Maryland, concentrating primarily on the Global Terrorism Database (GTD), and at the Project On Government Oversight (POGO) in Washington. She holds an MA in political science from the University of Wisconsin—Madison (2016) and graduated summa cum laude and Phi Beta Kappa from Knox College in 2013 with degrees in international relations and modern languages (German and French). Anna is the 2018–2019 Experimental Politics Workshop coordinator and the International Relations Colloquium co-coordinator.