Philip Bunn

Position title: Ph.D. Candidate: Political Theory


Philip Bunn CV

Research Interests:

Politics and Technology, Politics and Literature, Liberalism, Adam Smith, Tocqueville, John Stuart Mill


Philip Bunn is a Ph.D. candidate in Political Science at the University of Wisconsin-Madison. His research brings both ancient and modern political thought to bear on contemporary issues, with a focus on normative questions relating to technology.

Philip serves as a graduate fellow for the Center for the Study of Liberal Democracy. He graduated with a degree in Government with a focus in Political Philosophy from Patrick Henry College in 2017.

Dissertation Title:

“The Heart of a Machine: Technological Threats to Liberty”

List of Publications:

“Communities Are All That’s Substantial: Kurt Vonnegut’s Post-Liberal Political Thought,” American Political Thought Volume 8, Number 4 (Fall 2019).

Course Taught:

Lecturer for:

PS 363: Literature and Politics (Fall 2021)

PS 460: Conservative Political Thought (Summer 2021)

ILS 205: Western Culture, Political, Economic, and Social Thought (Fall 2020)

ILS 206: Western Culture, Political, Economic, and Social Thought II (Spring 2021)

Awards in graduate school:

Teaching Fellow Award – UW Madison College of Letters & Science      2020-21

Teaching Assistant Award – Integrated Liberal Studies Program      2020-21

Graduate Fellow – Center for the Study of Liberal Democracy (CSLD)      2017-2021