Phillip Pinell

Position title: Ph.D. Candidate: Political Theory


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Research Interests

Spanish Political Thought, Latin American Political Thought, Memory, Identity, and Politics, Liberalism/Illiberalism, Phenomenology and Hermeneutics, Artificial Intelligence


Phillip is a Ph.D. candidate in political science at the University of Wisconsin-Madison. His dissertation explores the appeals to the memory of empire in late 19th and early 20th century Spanish political thought as an avenue for grounding a shared sense of Spanish identity. He is writing chapters on José Ortega y Gasset, Miguel de Unamuno, and Julián Marías.

He has also written on memory in the works of Jefferson and Tocqueville, as well as pieces on the Stoic philosopher Epictetus and the hermeneutics of Hans-Georg Gadamer as they apply to AI.

Dissertation Title

“Saving Liberalism From Itself: Memory and Identity in 19th and 20th Century Spanish Political Thought”

Courses Taught

Deception and Politics (POLI SCI 463), Spring 2023, Fall 2023

Critical Thinking and Expression: Arguments in Political Rhetoric (ILS 200), Fall 2022

  • Honored Instructor Award from UW Housing

Areas of Competence

American Political Thought and Development, The American Presidency/American Politics, Ancient and Continental Political Thought, History of Political Thought


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