Jiaqi Lu

Position title: Ph.D. Candidate: Comparative Politics

Email: jackie.lu@wisc.edu


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Jiaqi (Jackie) Lu is a Ph.D. student in the Department of Political Science and Nelson Institute for Environmental Studies (joint Ph.D. program) at the University of Wisconsin–Madison. His research interests include the political economy of energy transitions and climate change, as well as the intersection of governance and technology development. His research has appeared or forthcoming in Nature GeoscienceEnergy PolicyEnvironmental Research Letter, and so on.

Jiaqi (Jackie) received his B.A. in Sociology and M.A. in International Public Affairs (2014) from UW-Madison. Before coming back to Madison for his Ph.D. in 2018, he was a research analyst at the Brookings Institution (2015-2018), where he worked on energy and climate policy.

Research Interests:

Authoritarian governance, energy and climate politics, technology revolution, international climate governance



“Systematic Map: Policy Implications of the Energy Transitions Literature.” Environmental Research Letters. Forthcoming, 2019 (with Gregory Nemet)

“Knowledge Spillovers Between PV Installers Can Reduce the Cost of Installing PV.” under review at Energy Policy. (with Gregory Nemet and Rohan Rao)

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Other research and publications:

“U.S. Gas to China: Positive Energy for Bilateral Relations.” Brookings Op-ed. 2018. (with Qi, Y.)

“China’s Coal Consumption Has Peaked.” China Daily Op-ed. 2017. (with Qi, Y.)

“The End of Coal-Fired Growth in China.” Brookings Op-ed. 2016. (with Qi, Y.)

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