Comparative Politics

Scholars of Comparative Politics investigate similarities and differences in patterns of politics across the world. They engage in within-country, cross-national, and cross-regional research with a geographic focus outside the United States (although the US may be included as a case in cross-national comparative research). Comparativists use a variety of methods and often possess deep expertise in particular countries or regions. This knowledge is important for the purpose of systematic comparison, theory building, theory testing, and awareness of context specific variables and causal relationships masked by immersion in our own polities and societies. The field of Comparative Politics includes, among others, the study of political institutions and regimes; electoral behavior and procedures; identity, ideology, and culture; public policy; political economy; political violence; social movements and organizations; and protest and revolution.

Comparative Politics Faculty

Rikhil R. Bhavnani

Associate Professor: Comparative Politics | Political Methodology

(608) 262-5638

312 North Hall

Steven Brooke

Assistant Professor: Comparative Politics


Office: Room 402, North Hall

Kathryn Hendley

Professor: Comparative Politics

(608) 263-2025

410 North Hall

Yoshiko M. Herrera

Professor: Comparative Politics | International Relations

(608) 263-2241

316 North Hall
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Eunsook Jung

Director of International Programs

(608) 263-2130

301 North Hall

Nils Ringe

Professor | Comparative Politics

(608) 263-2040

201B North Hall

Marwa Shalaby

Assistant Professor

3430 Sterling Hall

Nadav Shelef

Professor and Associate Chair/Director of Graduate Studies. Comparative Politics | International Relations

(608) 263-2280

414 North Hall

Scott Straus

Professor | Comparative Politics

(608) 263-1894

110 North Hall