Nils Ringe

Position title: Professor | Comparative Politics


Phone: (608) 263-2040

201B North Hall



Ph.D. in Political Science, University of Pittsburgh, 2006

M.A. in Political Science, University of Pittsburgh, 2003

B.A. in Political Science and History, Brandeis University, 2001

Research Interest:

Comparative Legislatures, Decision-Making, Elections, European Union, International Institutions, Policy Making, Political Parties, Representation


Nils Ringe is Professor of Political Science, Jean Monnet Chair, and Director of the Center for European Studies. His research and teaching interests are European Union politics (in particular the institutions of the EU), legislatures, political parties, social networks, and elections. He published “Bridging the Information Gap: Legislative Member Organizations as Social Networks in the United States and the European Union” (University of Michigan Press; click here for details) with Jennifer N. Victor(George Mason University), a book that examines voluntary, issue-based, cross-partisan groups of legislators (such as caucuses in the U.S. Congress and intergroups in the European Parliament) in a comparative perspective. His previous book, “Who Decides, and How? Preferences, Uncertainty, and Policy Choice in the European Parliament,” was published in 2010 by Oxford University Press. Ringe is currently working on a book on multilingualism in the institutions of the EU, tentatively titled “The Language(s) of Politics: Multilingual Policy-Making in the European Union,” as well as various papers on social networks in legislative politics.


PS 987 Comparative Colloquium Fall 2019-2020

PS 853 Comparative Political Institutions Fall 2019-2020

PS 120 Politics Around the World Summer 2019

PS 340 The European Union: Politics and Political Economy Spring 2018-2019

PS 120 Politics Around the World Spring 2018-2019

PS 120 Politics Around the World Fall 2018-2019

PS 120 Politics Around the World Summer 2018

PS 106 Politics Around The World Summer 2016-2017

PS 401 German Politics Fall 2016-2017

PS 338 The European Union: Politics and Political Economy Fall 2016-2017

PS 201 Comparative Regional Integration The European Union and Beyond Spring 2015-2016

PS 106 Intro to Comparative Politics Spring 2015-2016



Jean Monnet Chair


Vilas Mid-Career Travel Award