Political Science Graduate Student Jim Gingras Featured on 1050 Bascom Podcast

Ph.D. student Jim Gingras was on 1050 Bascom’s newest episode to discuss civil-military relations, international security and serving veterans. Listen here! Jim is a Ph.D. student studying and researching international relations and alliances. Drawing on operational foreign policy experience as a retired Air Force lieutenant colonel and military diplomat, he is particularly interested in the NATO alliance and methods that may improve U.S. and international security policy. He has experience and is a combat-tested leader around the globe. From commanding a squadron and installation in Turkey to serving with foreign allies as the assistant air attaché in London to leading combat missions in Afghanistan and Iraq, Jim honed his leadership abilities in the crucible of diplomacy and war. Finally, his experience as an instructor at both the French Air Force and the U.S. Air Force Academies, as well as a student at multiple academic institutions, serve him well in pursuing his political science Ph.D. in international relations.

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