PS 684 Senior Honors Thesis Seminar

A class for honors students writing their senior honors thesis within a seminar format. Focus is on conceptualization, research design, writing of the thesis, and relevant issues of political science. Continuation of 683. Seniors only.

PS 665 Israeli Politics and Society

Course provides historical and analytical understanding of Israeli internal political life and institutions. Attention will be paid to political culture, coalition formation and ethnic politics as they are manifested in Israeli politics. The effect of …

PS 635 Comparative Politics of Sport

Covers the political economy, political culture, and the politics of identity (nationalism, race, ethnicity, social class, religion, and gender) that is usually associated with sport at both the highest and lowest levels of competition.

PS 470 The First Amendment

 An examination of the basic principles, purposes, and assumptions of First Amendment cases and literature, with attention to both historical and contemporary controversies.