PS 267 Introduction to Political Psychology

This course is the undergraduate introduction to Political Psychology. No background in political science or psychology is required, though those that do have experience in these areas are, of course, welcome and appreciated. The goal of the course is to introduce you to some of the major topics and questions in Political Psychology, such as:
• Where do our political beliefs come from?

• How do we decide who to vote for?

• How do emotions affect us? Should emotions affect our beliefs and actions?

• Are some types of personalities better suited to be President?

• Is it possible to “psychologically profile” dictators?

• How do our leaders decide whether to go to war?

Along the way, as we delve into these and other topics, we will discuss methodology, and learn about
how different approaches can yield different (and sometimes conflicting) answers. Most classes will be based around a lecture, with some small group discussion from time to time.