PS 337 International Institutions and World Order

This course examines the politics of global governance, also known as the study of international organizations and international law.  It focuses on the fundamental problems of cooperation among states that international organizations (IOs) are designed to address.  It begins with a general overview of approaches to studying IOs and international law, highlighting the role of international and domestic political considerations.  It then turns to examining the role of IOs in various issue-areas in international politics, ranging from international trade and investment to security and conflict to human rights and the environment.  Through our study of these issues, we will learn about both the design and influence of IOs in each and the underlying politics of each issue.  We will learn about the major IOs that influence global politics, including the World Trade Organization, the International Monetary Fund, and the United Nations.  We will also look at some less well-known IOs such as the International Labor Organization and the new Asian Infrastructure Investment Bank.