Political Theory Workshop

The Political Theory Workshop brings together graduate students and faculty with an interest in the history of social and political thought, normative social and political theory, and the normative and theoretical dimensions of public policy and public law. Our meetings center around the discussion of work in progress by UW graduate students and faculty, as well as by invited guests from around the country. They include a brief presentation by the author and a prepared response by an advanced graduate student, followed by a general discussion. In most cases papers are distributed in advance of the meetings. We welcome participants from a broad range of disciplinary and methodological approaches.  Geneviève Rousselière is the Faculty Director and Brianne Wolf and  Thomas Bunting are the Graduate Student Coordinators. The Workshop is generously supported by Political Science alumni and donors. Meetings are generally held in the Ogg Room of North Hall, unless otherwise noted. This website also features information on political theory related talks and events organized by other units and departments.
2016-2017 Schedule and Papers

**unless otherwise noted, all sessions 12:00-1:15 in North Hall, Ogg Room**


Author(s) Title (click to download paper)
Tues. September 13 Laura Sojberg
(UF; joint with IRC)
Jihadi Brides and Female Volunteers: Reading the Islamic State War to See Gender in Conflict Dynamics”  
Tues. Fri. September 16  Michael Promisel
(UW Madison) 
Statesmanship Reconsidered: Plutarch and the Forms of Statesmanship   
Tues. September 20  Bob Vitalis
(Penn; joint with IRC) 
White World Order, Black Power Politics: The Birth of American International Relations   
 Fri. September 23  Thomas Bunting
(UW Madison)
Communities of Spectatorship:
Fandom and Politics
(practice job talk)
Fri. September 30 Brianne Wolf
(UW Madison)
 “Freedom’s Apprenticeship”: Tocqueville on the Development and Exercise of Democratic Taste
(practice job talk) 
 Fri. October 7 Andrea Radasanu
(Northern Illinois University 
Montesquieu’s Animus Against Idealism in the Pursuit of Peace Among Nations  Brianne Wolf
 Tues. October 11 Katelyn Jones
(joint with IRC)
Practice Job Talk N/A 
 Fri. October 14 Keisha Lindsay 
(UW Madison)
Chalk It Up to Experience: 
All-Black Male Schools, Intersectionality and Feminist Politics
(Book Manuscript Workshop)
*8:15am-2:00 pm*
Education Building, Wisconsin Idea Room
Mary Hawkesworth 
Lawrie Balfour 
Lance McCready
Tiffany Willoughby-Herard
Fri. October 21  Josh Ober
(Stanford University) 
Discussion    N/A
 Fri. November 11 Dan Kapust and Rachel Schwartz
(UW Madison) 
“Grievance vs. Greed: Hobbes on the Mutually Constitutive Origins of Civil War”   Thomas Bunting
 Fri. December 9  Danielle Delaney
(UW Madison)

Satori and Ereignis: Finding Transcendence in Xenophobic Nationalism, a Tale of Two Philosophers


 Rebecca Anderson
 Fri. December 16 Michelle Schwarze
(UW, Madison)
Violent Passions and Liberal Citizenship
(Book Manuscript Workshop) 
Henry Clark
Rebecca Kingston
Robert Louden
Steve Nadler
Dennis Rasmussen 
Fri. January 20  Melvin Rogers

“Being a Slave of the Community: Democratic-Republicanism and Racialized Domination”


 Michael Promisel
 Fri. February 3 Ayten Gundogdu

“Between the Human and the Person: A Critical Inquiry into the Subject of Rights.”


 Danielle Delaney
 Fri. February 17  Harriet Fertik
(University of New Hampshire)

“Security, Privacy, and Fragility in Public Life: Tacitus and the Delatores”


Michael Promisel 
 Sat. February 25 Rebecca LeMoine
(Florida Atlantic University)
Book Manuscript Workshop
(Center for the Study of Liberal Democracy)

Susan Collins

(Notre Dame) 

 Fri. March 3 Susan Sreedhar
(Boston University)
 “Theft, Murder, Adultery”: Hobbes, Pufendorf and the Spartans  Katherine Robiadek
 Fri. April 28 

Rebecca Anderson

(UW Madison) 

 Fri. May 5  Dean Mathiowetz
(UC Santa Cruz)