Wisconsin in Washington – Testimonials

Wisconsin in Washington – Testimonials

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Enjoy selected testimonials from previous summer program participants

“Spending my summer in Washington, DC interning in Congresswoman Jan Schakowsky’s office was undoubtedly the best summer experience I’ve ever had. The Washington DC program provided me with the unique opportunity to network with distinguished UW alumni that offered great advice to students on how to have a successful career in Washington, DC. I strongly recommend this program to anyone that is passionate about politics and wants to learn about how Washington works.”
Ayobami O. (intern with Congresswoman Jan Schakowsky)



”Participating in UW’s DC Program was one of the smartest choices I could have made as an undergraduate. During the program, I worked with peers and alumni to strengthen skills such as communication, effective writing, professionalism, and dedication – skills essential to finding success after graduation. Not only did this program facilitate invaluable opportunities for getting a taste of life in DC, it was also a great way to meet people with similar interests. I know that I have built lifelong relationships through this program and I would strongly encourage anyone interested in politics or DC to get involved. The Political Science Department at UW, its supporters, and Dave Nelson (former DC coordinator) are amazing resources for young adults who are interested in expanding on the educational experiences found in the classroom.”
Diana M. (intern in the office of Congressman Ron Kind)



“Spending my summer in Washington, DC was a fantastic experience that allowed me to have an internship where I interacted with Senators on a daily basis, was able to speak with UW alumni and see how far they have come in their careers, and build lifelong relationships; both in friendships and career networking. I’d recommend this program to anyone who is passionate about politics and is interested in learning more about how Washington works.”
Kimberly U. (intern in the Senate Republican Conference)



“By going to DC with the UW program I was able to experience the independence and challenge of finding my own internship and working in an office unique to my interests while having a support network of other Madison students and educators. The alumni connections and mentorship program made DC a much friendlier place and produced relationships that have and will continue to significantly shape my career goals.”
Elizabeth T. (intern at the Brazilian Embassy)




“The program was a great addition to my internship in Senator Kohl’s Office because it gave me a well rounded view of politics. At work I saw the legislative side of government, but in class, I saw various aspects of government including lobbying, foreign affairs, law, and the media. The program is also great, becuase DC is such a big city, and having at least 12 other people you know going into it, makes the experience more fun and less scary. As part of the program I was also matched with a mentor who took me to political events and helped me throughout my time in Washington.”
Dawn S. (intern in the office of Senator Herb Kohl)



“Spending the summer in Washington, DC was unquestionably one of the best decisions I made as an undergrad. The UW-Madison DC program enabled me to combine the study of DC politics and with their practical applications by providing an excellent series of guests lecturers and allowing me to incorporate work from my Congressional office into the curriculum. Beyond the student connections, however, the UW program also offered many valuable opportunities to network and learn from numerous distinguished alumni, only further enriching the whole experience.”
Aaron M. (intern in the office of Congressman Ron Kind)