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Offered in partnership with UW-Madison office of International Academic Programs, the Wisconsin in Washington DC Internship Program provides an academic framework for you to to intern in Washington D.C. with various hosts including U.S. Congress, the White House, executive departments and agencies, public policy advocacy and lobbying firms, think tanks, non-profits, law firms and legal institutions, print and broadcast media outlets, marketing and public relations firms, historical sites, and political organizations among many other possibilities. Internships provide effective ways for you to build necessary skills and work experiences in your  prospective career fields. Research shows that students who intern through academic internship programs gain more from the experience than students who intern on their own.  Through this academic internship program, you will gain first-hand experience in the workings of Washington, D.C and connect with UW alumni and other DC professionals while benefiting from an academic program that allows you to critically reflect on your intern experience and the political and cultural nuances of Washington D.C

UW Study Abroad- International Academic Programs (IAP)

Students can access the UW Study Abroad on the International Academic Programs website by clicking here for more information and access to the application.

Memorial Bridge - Submitted by Kara W.

WINNER of the Summer 2015 photo contest.
Memorial Bridge – Submitted by Kara W.