Undergraduate Awards & Recognition

2020 Thesis Awards

Alyson Niehans: 2020 winner of the William Jennings Bryan prize for undergraduate Political Science students for her thesis, Wrecking Nations: The NKVD National Operations in the Soviet Union’s Great Terror of 1937-1938.

Rebecca Hanks: 2020 winner of the second annual African Studies undergraduate student paper award for her thesis, Gender Distribution and Gender Quotas in African Subnational Governance.

Caitlin Attaway: 2020 second place recipient of the African Studies undergraduate student paper award for her thesis, Hassan al-Turabi and His Influence on Sudanese Women Movements Governance.

2020 Scholarship Awards

Emma Alexrod: Alberta A. Taylor Scholarship 

Reagan Beyer:  Steve Brenton Health Policy Scholar Award

Emerson Boettcher: Alberta A. Taylor Scholarship 

Bailey Conradt: Ann Durra Scholarship

Ashley Cornwell: John Corcoran Student Support Fund Scholarship 

Ananda Deacon: Thomas W. Parker Scholarship

Rio DeMello: Thomas L.W. Johnson Scholarship

Maria Ekern: Thomas W. Parker Scholarship 

Erika Esparza: Jane Goddard Scholarship 

Trinity Giese: Thomas W. Parker Scholarship

Alicia Jacobsen: Elizabeth and Troy Barnett Family Scholarship 

Daniel Ledin: Thomas W. Parker Scholarship

Katie Malloy: Thomas W. Parker Scholarship 

Tina Marshalek: Judith Hicks Stiehm Award

Emily Nelsen: Thomas W. Parker Scholarship

Carlos Puga: Stanoch Family Scholarship

Saralee Reed: Thomas W. Parker Scholarship 

Baleigh Remy: Alice V. Almasy Memorial Scholarship 

Abigail Steinberg: Betty Ann Clark (Tracy) Scholarship

Matthew Tyler: Wirths Scholars Award

Gabrielle Vinick: Nega Suri Scholarship

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2020 Phi Beta Kappa Inductees

Samuel Buisman

Courtney Degen

Laura Downer

Juliet Dupont

Shawn Li

Isabel Marshall

Maura Pallitta

Willem Scheetz-Ziegel

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