Badger Reach – Milwaukee

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As the largest city in Wisconsin, Milwaukee boasts not only a rich brewing history, but also more recent additions including Riverwalk, the Wisconsin Center and an internationally acclaimed addition to the Milwaukee Art Museum.

However, the city and surrounding areas continue to report high disparities in family income levels and access to available economic supports and services.1 By many measures the city is also among the most segregated in the nation.2 These factors impact residents’ access to quality education and opportunities for community engagement and professional growth. Milwaukee’s Community Advocates/Public Policy Institute (CA/PPI) is central to the network of organizations and institutions addressing these perennial challenges. This Badger Reach project partner “promotes and implements evidence-based policies aimed at reducing and preventing poverty.” In particular, CA/PPI “engages, strategizes and develops policy and legislation that will prevent and reduce poverty and improve the quality of life for individuals and families in Milwaukee and throughout Wisconsin.”3

UW-Madison students can pursue an internships at CA/PPI or explore many other opportunities in Milwaukee at sites including:

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