Study Abroad

Studying abroad can be a rewarding and valuable experience. It’s a great opportunity to increase your language skills rapidly, be exposed to a culture that is different from your own, and gain greater independence and self-awareness. There are also some programs that may offer opportunities for research, hands-on learning, and professional internships. Opportunities for study abroad include three major options:

International Academic Programs (IAP)

Students studying on IAP programs will receive credit for all political science courses they take abroad. These credits will be posted to the student’s transcript as UW-Madison courses equivalent to the courses they took while abroad. Equivalent grades will also be posted to their transcript.

International Internship Program (IIP)

Students that complete an internship through IIP will not necessarily receive political science credit, but there are options to earn credits from other departments. Completing an internship abroad is a great way to make your resume stand out.

Study Abroad in Non-UW Programs

To find out more about how you receive transfer credit for a non-UW study abroad program, please visit the Office of Admissions page and schedule an appointment with an advisor.