Student Organizations

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Get Involved! Join a Student Organization


Student organizations allow you to meet and work with other students, alumni, and company representatives who have knowledge to share. An extensive contact list is also highly valuable when starting your internship and career search.

Social Skill

You’ll discover new people and new places on your journey as a college student. By participating in student organizations, you’ll learn effective communication and presentation skills that will serve you well in college and in your career.

Professional Experience

Student chapters of professional organizations give students the opportunity to learn more about particular fields, such as law and policy, and to take part in events and activities that put political science concepts into practice.

Leadership Skills

If you become an officer within the organization, you’ll learn how to balance the challenges of decision-making, delegating and accountability that come with being a successful leader. You’ll also learn about fundraising and financial management, marketing and working in teams – all of which are essential skills to prepare you for your career.

Friendships and Fun

Students who participate actively in organizations on campus become well-rounded individuals who are connected to their communities. Having a familiar group of friends with whom to study and take part in recreational activities will enrich your college experience.