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Undergraduate Student Grievance Procedure 

A. Any student having a grievance arising from an academic action by an instructor, committee, or other representative of the Department must first submit his/her grievance to the party involved. If attempts at informal resolution fail and the student wishes to appeal further, the student should submit a written appeal to the Chair, stating the basis of appeal and providing information and, if necessary, documentation supporting the appeal.

B. The appeal must offer a reasonable case as to why the academic action should be reviewed. Under no circumstances will the Chair review the academic judgment of an instructor or examination committee. The claim for review must be founded upon grounds other than the academic judgment of the instructor or committee (e.g., course requirements, College degree requirements affecting undergraduates).

C. The Chair may review the appeal themseolf, or appoint an ad hoc committee for this purpose. The grievant shall be afforded the opportunity for an oral hearing with the chair (or ad hoc committee, if constituted). The Chair and/or committee shall also consult with those whose academic action has led to the appeal. The appellant may use the resources of the advising staff when appropriate (i.e., not directly involved in the original grievance), if undergraduate degree requirements are involved, to assist in preparation of the appeal.

D. The Chair will respond in writing to the grievance. Departmental legislation concerning appeals for graduate students is not affected by this policy.

Section 5.01, Department of Political Science Policies and Procedures, June 2011 edition


  • Office of the Registrar – for general enrollment questions 
  • Course Change Request – instructions for making changes through the Student Center or with the paper form. Use this for pass/fail, or for making changes to a course after the add deadline. 

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