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Katherine J. Cramer

Professor and Natalie C. Holton Chair of Letters & Science
American Politics
Affiliated with Elections Research Ctr, School of Journalism and Mass Communication, LaFollette School of Public Affairs, IRP, Ctr for Integrated Agricultural Systems, WI Ctr for the Advancement of Postsecondary Education, Center for Community and Nonprofit Studies
Research Interests: 
Civic Engagement, Civic and Liberal Education, Civic Society, Conservatism, Deliberation, Cultural Issues, Geography, Political Communication, Political Culture, Political Participation, Populism, Public Opinion, Race, Social Class, University Politics, Voting Behavior
Office Location: 
223 North Hall
Office Hours: 
On sabbatical 2018-2019



Lewis Friedland, Kathy Cramer, Karl Rohe, William Sethares, Dhavan Shah, Michael Wagner, Christopher Wells, UW2020 Grant, "Communication Ecologies, Political Contention, and Democratic Crisis"

Katherine Cramer, The Politics of Resentment: Rural Consciousness in Wisconsin and the Rise of Scott Walker. 2016. Chicago: University of Chicago Press.

Katherine Cramer "The Turn Away from Government and the Need to Revive the Civic Purposeof Higher Education." Perspectives on Politics 14(2): 442-450.   

Katherine Cramer “Equity through Learning to Listen: The Case of Public Discussion on Body-Worn Cameras in Madison, Wisconsin.” Journal of Public Deliberation, 12 (2).  

Michael W. Wagner, Chris Wells, Lewis A. Friedland, Katherine J. Cramer and Dhavan V. Shah. “Cultural Worldviews and Contentious Politics: Evaluative Asymmetry in High-Information Environments” The Good Society, 23(2): 126-144.