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Jonathan Renshon

Associate Professor and Trice Faculty Scholar
International Relations
Political Methodology
Research Interests: 
Armed Conflict, Decision Making, Experiments, Foreign Policy, Psychology
Office Location: 
406 North Hall
(608) 263-2272



Keren Yarhi-Milo, Josh Kertzer & Jonathan Renshon. "Tying Hands, Sinking Costs and Leader Attributes" [forthcoming at Journal of Conflict Resolution]. 

Josh Kertzer, Jonathan Renshon & Keren Yarhi-Milo.  "How Do Observers Assess Resolve?” [forthcoming at British Journal of Political Science].

Anna Oltman and Jonathan Renshon, "Immigration and Foreign Policy" in Oxford Encyclopedia of Foreign Policy Analysis

Jonathan Renshon, Julia Lee, Dustin Tingley. “Emotions and the Micro-Foundations of Commitment Problems in International Politics” (accepted at International Organization).   

Jonathan Renshon, Allan Dafoe, Paul Huth, "To Whom Do Reputations Adhere? Experimental Evidence on Influence-Specific Reputations" (accepted at American Journal of Political Science). 

Jonathan Renshon "The Interaction of Testosterone and Cortisol Is Associated with Attained Status in Male Executives” (with G.D. Sherman, J.S. Lerner, R.A. Josephs & J.J. Gross; 2016), Journal of Personality and Social Psychology 110/6: 921-929.

Jonathan Renshon "Status Deficits and War" (2016), International Organization 70/3: 513-550.