Department of Political Science

College of Letters & Science

Daniel Kapust

Associate Professor
Political Theory
Affiliated with Center for Early Modern Studies, Center for European Studies, Department of Classical and Ancient Near Eastern Studies
Research Interests: 
American Political Thought, Ancient Political Theory, Contemporary Political Theory, Deliberation, Democratic Theory, Early Modern Political Thought, Liberalism, Modern Political Theory, Non-democracy, Religion and Politics, Republicanism, Rhetoric and Political Theory, Scottish Enlightenment
Office Location: 
311 North Hall
(608) 263-9429



Dan Kapust and Michelle Schwarze, "The Rhetoric of Sincerity: Cicero and Smith on Propriety and Political Context" forthcoming in the American Political Science Review.

Kapust, Daniel J., and Helen M. Kinsella, eds. Comparative Political Theory in Time and Place: Theory’s Landscapes. Springer, 2016.

Dan Kapust, “Rethinking Rousseau’s Tyranny of Orators: Cicero’s On Duties and the Beauty of True Glory.” In The General Will: The Evolution of a Concept. Edited by James Farr and David Lay Williams. Cambridge. 2015.  175-196.

Dan Kapust, “Free Speech and Censorship in Tacitus’ Annales.” In Censorship Moments: Reading Texts in the History of Censorship and Freedom of Expression. Edited by Geoff Kemp. Bloomsbury Academic. 2015. 17-24.