PS 874 Policy-Making Process

An intensive study of policy-making processes involved in the formulation of public policies. This course is crosslisted with Public Affairs and Urban & Regional Planning. 

PS 871 Public Program Evaluation

Compares the conceptual, statistical, and ethical issues of experimental, quasi-experimental and non-experimental designs for program evaluation. Definitions of outcomes, sample size issues, statistical biases in measuring causal effects of programs, and the reliability of findings …

PS 856 Field Seminar in Comparative Politics

A broad introduction to the field of comparative politics. It combines a theory-driven approach with a problem-driven approach to analyze key themes in comparative politics. Four paradigms in comparative politics–structural, cultural, rational-choice and institutional–will be …

PS 854 Nationalism and Ethnic Conflict

Comparative analysis of nationalism, national identity, and ethnicity and their impact on domestic and international conflict. Examines relationship between nationality, citizenship, and minority rights; territoriality and identity, contemporary religious nationalism; relationship between globalization and nationalism.