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1050 Bascom Podcast

1050 BASCOM 

Josh Mesner, Editor and Host

Amy Gangl, Producer

Michael Makowski and Emily Tomlin, Student Podcast Editors

1050 Bascom brings you UW Madison political scientists talking about the pressing issues of the day.  Generous gifts from our alumni and friends help make our podcast possible.  To learn how you can support UW Political Science, visit our "Give a Gift" page today. For comments on this show or suggestions for future shows, email:

Episode #5: Prof. Nina Nurmila on Secular Feminism, Muslim Feminism, and Islamist Feminism in Indonesia



Prof. Nurmila's Policy Forum Page

Center for Southeast Asian Studies - University of Wisconsin-Madison

The Influence of Global Muslim Feminism on Indonesia Feminist Discourse by Nina Nurmila





Episode #4: Emeritus Professor Robert Booth Fowler on a Life Spent Learning



Episode #3: Board of Visitors Prof. Erica Simmons on Mobilization and Protest in Latin America


Professor Simmon's Teaching and Research Page

Prof. Simmon's Lecture on Market Reforms and the Water Wars: The Case of Cochabamba, Bolivia (video)

Meaningful Resistance: Market Reforms and the Roots of Social Protest in Latin America by Erica Simmons

Ambiguities of Domination by Lisa Wedeen 


Episode #2: Booth Fowler Prof. Eleanor Neff Powell on Power and Representation in Congress

Links to some of the things we discussed on the show:

Prof. Neff Powell's Teaching and Research Page

How Legislators Actually Invest Their Time by Devin Judge-Lord, Justin Grimmer, and Eleanor Neff Powell

Historical Trends in Congressional Approval

Senate E-Filing Launches New Era in Campaign Disclosures

Trends in Party Affiliation Among Demographic Groups


Episode #1: Prof. Barry Burden on Gender Stereotypes in Politics and Midterms 2018

Links to some of the things we discussed on the show:

Professor Barry Burden's Faculty Teaching and Research Page 

The Elections Research Center at the University of Wisconsin-Madison 

The Big 10 Voting Challenge

Testing Alternative Explanations for Gender-Office Congruency  - 2018 American Political Science paper by Prof. Barry Burden and Prof Yoshikuni Ono