Turkhan Sadigov

Email: sadigov@wisc.edu

Phone: 608-263-1959


Turkhan Sadigov is a Research Scholar at the University of Wisconsin—Madison. Dr. Sadigov studies the impact of social and political activism of population, political culture, informality, and collectively shared ideas on citizen pro-activism and the development of formal and informal political institutions in post-Soviet societies. He holds PhD in Political Science from SUNY at Albany (2016). Dr. Sadigov has published articles in journals such as the Journal of Civil Society, East European Politics, Problems of Post-Communism among others.

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Trajectories of Change Fellowship


Open Society Institute: Civil Society Scholar Award Fellowship


National Council for Eurasian and East European Research Fellowship


Norwegian Institute of International Affairs “Regional Competence Building for Think Tanks in South caucuses and central Asia” Fellowship


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