Michael DeCrescenzo

Ph.D. Candidate



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Research Interests:

Elections, Methodology, Bayesian Statistics, Representation, Election Administration, Public Opinion, Voting Behavior


I am a Ph.D. candidate studying American Politics and Political Methodology. I research elections, representation, public opinion, and election administration. I also work with developing and applying Bayesian analysis for measurement and causal inference.


My dissertation studies primary elections and the representation of local partisan preferences? It asks how to measure local preferences effectively, how candidates respond to those preferences, and how strongly local preferences predict the selection of moderate or extreme primary candidates.


I have other research projects on the demographic structure of electoral coalitions, voter identification requirements, and the way voters interpret uncertainty in polls and election forecasts.


I am an affiliate of the Elections Research Center.


Office hours

Monday 3 p.m.–5 p.m., North Hall 101A (Elections Research Center)


PS 270 Understanding Political Numbers Spring 2018-2019
PS 811 Introduction to Statistical Computing in Political Science Spring 2017-2018