Micah Dillard

Position title: Ph.D. Candidate: International Relations

Email: dillard2@wisc.edu



Research Interests:

Economic Sanctions, Elections, Energy Policy, Foreign Aid, Foreign Policy, Methodology, Public Opinion, Race


Micah Dillard is a Ph.D. Candidate in international relations and political methodology. He has particular interests in economic sanctions, energy policy,  foreign aid, US elections, US foreign policy, and various forms of non-traditional security. Micah graduated with a BS in Economics and Political Science with university honors from the Ohio State University in 2014.


Leaders under Siege: Economic Sanctions and Political Survival

Dissertation committee

Jon C.W. Pevehouse (chair); Mark Copelovitch; Andrew Kydd; Lisa Martin; Jessica L.P. Weeks


Janet Box-Steffensmeier, Micah Dillard, David Kimball, and William Massengill, “The long and short of it: The unpredictability of late deciding voters,” Electoral Studies.