Micah Dillard

Ph.D. Candidate: International Relations



Research Interests:

Economic Sanctions, Elections, Energy Policy, Foreign Aid, Foreign Policy, Methodology, Public Opinion, Race


Micah Dillard is a fourth year graduate student in international relations and political methodology. He has particular interests in economic sanctions, energy policy,  foreign aid, US elections, US foreign policy, and various forms of non-traditional security. He graduated with a BS in Economics and Political Science with university honors from the Ohio State University in 2014.


Leaders under Siege: Economic Sanctions and Political Survival

Dissertation committee

Jon C.W. Pevehouse (chair); Mark Copelovitch; Andrew Kydd; Lisa Martin; Jessica L.P. Weeks


Janet Box-Steffensmeier, Micah Dillard, David Kimball, and William Massengill, “The long and short of it: The unpredictability of late deciding voters,” Electoral Studies.