Danielle Delaney

Position title: Ph.D. Candidate: Comparative Politics | Political Theory

Email: dadelaney2@wisc.edu


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Danielle Delaney is a PhD candidate in the Political Science Department at the University of Wisconsin-Madison. Her research studies how indigenous activists use the law to contest State constructions of indigenous identity via a comparative case between American Indians/Alaska Natives in the United States and Small Peoples of the North (коренные малочисленные народы Сибири) in Russia. She has conducted extensive field work in among the Lakota Sioux in the United States, in Russia, and at the International Labour Organization and the UN in Geneva, Switzerland.

Before returning to graduate school she was the Senior Policy Analyst for the National Council of Urban Indian Health and a legal technical adviser to the Tribal Technical Advisory Group  to the Centers of Medicaid and Medicare (TTAG: CMS). She received her JD from Georgetown University Law Center with a focus on legislative advocacy.

PS 412 The American Constitution: Rights and Civil Liberties Spring 2018-2019
PS 401 Legal and Political Writing Fall 2018-2019
PS 412 The American Constitution: Rights and Civil Liberties Spring 2017-2018