Armando Mejia

Position title: Ph.D. Candidate: American Politics


Research Interests:

Urban Studies, Politics, and Policy; Social Movements; Political Sociology; Environmental Inequality, Politics, and Justice; Social Inequality and Public Policy; Politics and Sociology of Race, Ethnicity, and Immigration; U.S Latino and Latin American Politics; Comparative Political Economy and Development; and Qualitative Research Methods.


Armando Xavier Mejia is a PhD. candidate in Political Science with a minor in Sociology at the University of Wisconsin-Madison. Before pursuing a doctoral degree, Armando earned a B.A in Political Science and a MCP (Master of City Planning), both from the University of California, Berkeley. Driven by concerns for social justice and public policy change, Armando’s dissertation examines the politics of urban environmental inequality among the poor in metropolitan Los Angeles, California. This research, based on extensive fieldwork with social movement organizations, aims to generate new empirical evidence about and theoretical approaches to environmental justice organizing among the urban poor in American global cities, such as Los Angeles. Armando’s dissertation project is framed at the intersection of contemporary research in American urban and ethnic politics, environmental politics and justice, social movements, and global cities. He is an experienced and accomplished multi-disciplinary teacher-scholar who has been a mentor to many first-generation college students. Additionally, Armando has been for several years an active presenter and discussant at scholarly conferences, including the annual meetings of the Urban Affairs Association, the Pacific Sociological Association, the Western Political Science Association, the Midwest Political Science Association, the American Sociological Association, and the American Political Science Association.

Courses Taught:

Social Movements (Lecturer, California State University, Long Beach)
Political Sociology (Lecturer, California State University, Long Beach)
Racism, Power, and Inequality (Lecturer, California State University, Long Beach)
California State Government and Public Policy (Instructor, Occidental College)
Immigration Policy and Politics (Instructor, Occidental College)
Central America and Its Diaspora (Instructor, UCLA)
Politics of Mexico and U.S-Mexico Relations (Instructor, UCLA and UW-Madison)
Environmental Justice at the U.S-Mexico Border (Teaching Assistant, UW-Madison)
Introduction to American Politics (Teaching Assistant, UW-Madison)


Fund for Latino Scholarship Grant, American Political Science Association (2015)

Vilas Travel Grant, University of Wisconsin, Madison Graduate School (2010)

Multicultural Teaching Scholar Fellowship, University of Missouri, Columbia (2007)