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The UW Alumni Association announced its Under 40 award recipients for 2017 and 4 of the 8 were PoliSci alumni!  -

Professor Yoshiko Herrera talks about the choice of Jon Huntsman as ambassador to Russia with Sputnik news. - Yoshiko M. Herrera

Professor Owens discusses how a recent Supreme Court decision could "blow a hole through the side of the jurisprudential barn."  - Ryan Owens

Professor David Canon talks about the electoral college on Viewpoints radio. - David Canon

Professor Yoshiko Herrera discusses the possibilities for the next US ambassador to Russia in this Christian Science Monitor story. - Yoshiko M. Herrera

Elections Research Center - By classifying voters as strategically "important" or "unimportant," campaigns' online advertising algorithms decide who receives political information in a manner that reinforces political information inequalities. Young Mie Kim reverse-engineers campaigns' digital advertising strategies. -

Political Advertising in 2016: The Presidential Election as an outlier?: The Forum -

Elections Research Center - Social desirabilty bias in the 2016 Presidential election: The Forum -

Although 2016 was a highly unusual year for gender politics, the voting decisions of men and women were largely consistent with past elections. Barry Burden, Evan Crawford, and Michael DeCrescenzo ask why. - Barry Burden, Michael DeCrescenzo

Byron Shafer and Regina Wagner examine how the 2016 election fit in the aggregate pattern of party control in US politics, or does it have the potential to change the pattern in The Forum. - Byron E. Shafer

Political Science affiliate Mike Wagner and coauthors write about “Ideological Heterogeneity and the Rise of Donald Trump,” in The Forum.  -

Professor Ryan Owens writes about reforming the nomination process for the U.S. Supreme Court in the Washington Examiner. - Ryan Owens

Professor Kathy Cramer’s work on rural resentment is featured in this article in the Wisconsin State Journal. - Katherine J. Cramer

Professor Ken Mayer talks about the recent turmoil in the White House on Wisconsin Public Television’s “Here and Now.” - Kenneth R. Mayer

Hannah Chapman writes in Monkey Cage about Trump and Putin. -

Professor Ryan Owen writes in Monkey Cage about US Supreme nominee Gorsuch. - Ryan Owens

Professor Ryan Owens discussed President Trump’s pick for the Supreme Court in this Washington Times article. - Ryan Owens

Professor David Canon talks about the potential impact of the Women’s March on Channel 3. - David Canon

Prof. Kathy Cramer is interviewed for the Canadian radio show and podcast "Cited" regarding her book The Politics of Resentment. - Katherine J. Cramer

President Obama nominated Professor Scott Straus as a member of the United States Holocaust Memorial Council. - Scott Straus