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Professor Jessica Weeks' research is highlighted in this Vox story about Game of Thrones - Jessica L. P. Weeks

Professors David Canon and Kathy Cramer are quoted in this New York Times article about the politics of Wisconsin’s lame duck session. - David Canon, Katherine J. Cramer

Professor Kathy Cramer was quoted in the Economist. - Katherine J. Cramer

Professor Kathy Cramer teams up with MIT technologists to record community conversations. - Katherine J. Cramer

Profesor Scott Straus was featured on Wisconsin Public Radio discussing politcal violence in the United States. Click the link to listen. - Scott Straus

On the Wisconsin Public Radio, Professor David Canon discusses the obstacles to voting and if anything can be done about them. Click the link to listen. - David Canon

Professor David Canon talks about the television ads in the Wisconsin Democratic primary for governor on Wisconsin Public Radio. - David Canon

Mark Copelovitch was featured in the Macro Musings radio show to discuss the politics of the global recession and the Eurozone Crisis. - Mark Copelovitch

Professor David Canon was featured in WalletHub's recent piece about the most and least independent states in the U.S. -

A Cap Times column talks about  a research project Prof. Kathy Cramer is on working with a group of faculty and students. - Katherine J. Cramer

Professor David Canon analyzes the June 5 primary elections and national politics on Wisconsin Public Radio’s “Morning Show.” - David Canon

Professor David Canon talks about the Wisconsin Democratic gubernatorial primary on Channel 15.  - David Canon

A column in the New York Times cited work by Professor Kathy Cramer and also quoted her. - Katherine J. Cramer

Prof. David Canon talks about Paul Ryan’s retirement and its impact on the Republican party and the midterm elections. - David Canon

Prof. David Canon talks about the “blue wave” and the midterm elections with the Capital Times. - David Canon

Prof. David Canon spoke on Wisconsin Public Radio about the government shutdown.  - David Canon

EJ Dionne's column in the Washington Post today mentions Prof. Kathy Cramer's book. - Katherine J. Cramer

The new Tommy G. Thompson Center on Public Leadership will host a conference called “Leadership Across the Branches” on Friday, November 17, 2017. The conference will be a one-day public event at the Fluno Center. It will showcase esteemed individuals from both parties from the judicial, executive, and legislative branches at the federal and state levels. Panelists will discuss an aspect of leadership in their work and offer suggestions on where more leadership and collegiality are needed. For more information on the event, and to register for free, see View Story link -

Article in The National Interest on the importance of Russian Studies features work by Professor Scott Gehlbach and UW Ph.D. Evgeny Finkel - Scott Gehlbach, Evgeny Finkel

Professors Barry Burden, David Canon, and Rob Yablon spoke at the Madison Institute's program on "Partisan Gerrymanders and the Supreme Court."   - Barry Burden, David Canon