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As part of our commitment to your success as a scholar, the department provides a number of complementary mentoring structures to support you in your first year and beyond.

  • First year advisors: All first year students are matched with a faculty member who serves as their first year advisor. This is your first point of contact for questions regarding courses, requirements, and anything else that comes up during your first year. Although your first year advisor is likely to be someone whose interests align with yours, you may switch your advisor at any time.
  • Peer mentorship program: During your first year you will also be matched with a more advanced graduate student who will serve as your peer mentor. You can ask them all those questions you don’t want to ask the faculty. For information about the qualities of a good mentor see here.
  • Semi-annual meeting requirement: What you need from an advisor will change at different stages of the program. To ensure that you are getting the advising you need, mentors and mentees are required to meet at least once each semester (virtually or in person). For a list of topics to be discussed, see the Advisor-Advisee Meeting Guidelines.
  • Graduate Program Coordinator: The graduate program coordinator is your source for all administrative questions. If your question begins “How do I…?” start with the Graduate Program Coordinator.
  • Director of Graduate Studies: The Director of Graduate Studies oversees the graduate program from admissions to placement.