Political Science Graduate Workshop

The Political Science Graduate Workshop (PSGW) focuses on personal and professional development for current graduate students in the political science department. The PSGW’s mission is to “foster communication and information-sharing among the grad students and faculty members of the political science department and to promote professional development opportunities for the grad students.” The topics covered in PSGW range from topics in graduate life (health and balance, financial life) to discipline professional development (publishing, communications). This workshop convenes twicec times per semester each academic year.

Workshops 2021-2022



Friday, Feb. 18, 12:00-1:15 pm in the Ogg Room How to use summer months to better position yourself for success during and after graduate school. Topics include teaching, fieldwork, attending a summer program, taking classes, and prelims.
TBA, Spring 2022 How to network. Expert faculty panel present.

Please contact the coordinators with any ideas or topics you would like to suggest for PSGW.

Current graduate student coordinators:

Jess Esplin: jesplin@wisc.edu

Levi Bankston: lbankston@wisc.edu