Latin American Colloquium

The Latin American Colloquium (LAC) brings together graduate students and faculty with an area interest and research focus on Latin America. The group meets once a month to discuss published and in-progress articles, book chapters, and funding or grant proposals produced by faculty and graduate students. The LAC actively encourages an eclectic mix of methods and theoretical perspectives and facilitates exchanges between a range of social science disciplines. For more information, please contact Ned Littlefield at

Spring 2017 Meetings:

February 22: Nick Barnes: Title TBD. Discussant: Jose Luis Enríquez Chiñas

March 15: Javier Ignacio Velasco Villegas, “A socio legal approach to the neoliberal revolution in Chile.” Discussant: David Greenwood-Sanchez

April 19: Camilla Reuterswärd, “Doctrinal Gender Policies in a Context of Intense Electoral Competition: The Case of Yucatán.” Discussant: Molly Minden

May 3: Jose Luis Enríquez Chiñas, “Political Determinants of Judicial Decisions in Mexico’s Electoral Tribunal.” Discussant: Camilla Reuterswärd

*Spring 2017 meetings will be held from 10:00-11:15am in North Hall, Room 211.


Fall 2016 Meetings:

September 28: Reuterswärd, “La Libertad de Acción y Conciencia: Cross-Party Alliances and Voting Strategies in Uruguay’s Abortion Policy Reform.” Discussant: Camila Angulo

October 19: Nick Barnes, Practice Job Talk: “Monopolies of Violence: Gang Governance in Rio de Janeiro.” 

December 7: Erica Simmons, “Targets, Grievances, and Social Movement Trajectories.” Discussant: Molly Minden

Spring 2016 Meetings
February 24
– Irene Del Mastro (Gender and Women’s Studies), “Factors Associated With the Prevalence of Teenage Pregnancy in the Peruvian Rainforest,” Discussant: Rachel Schwartz
– Molly Minden (Political Science), “What Difference Does a Truth Commission Make? Narratives, Contestation, and Legacies of Violence in Guatemala,” Discussant: David Greenwood-Sanchez

March 16: Nick Barnes (Political Science), “The Violence of Politics and the Politics of the Violence: Toward an Integrated Approach to Organized Violence,” Discussant: José Luis Enríquez 

April 6: Patrick William Kelly (History), “Sovereign Emergencies: Latin America and the Making of a Global Human Rights Politics,” Discussant: Molly Minden

April 27: Rachel Schwartz (Political Science), “Constructing the ‘Parallel’ State: The Institutional Legacies of Violence in Central America” 

*Spring 2016 meetings will be held from 10:15-11:30am in North Hall, Room 211.

Fall 2015
October 30: Nick Barnes (Political Science), “Monopolizing Violence: A Theory of Gang Violence in Rio de Janeiro,” Discussant: Javier Rodríguez

November 13: David Greenwood-Sanchez (Political Science), “Domestic Uses of International Law: A Study of GMO Resistance Efforts in Peru and Mexico,” Discussant: Annabel Ipsen

December 4: José Luis Enríquez Chiñas (Political Science), “Bounding Democracy: the Evolution of Mexico’s Federal Electoral Tribunal,” Discussant: Molly Minden

Spring 2015
February 25: Rachel Schwartz (Political Science), “‘Una guerra con otro tipo de bomba’: Natural Resource Extraction, Social Mobilization, and the Legacies of Civil War in Guatemala,” Discussant: Javier Rodríguez

March 25: Nick Barnes (Political Science), Title TBA, Discussant: Rachel Schwartz

April 8: Milena Ang (Political Science, University of Chicago), “Corrupt Accountability: Political Responses to Grand Corruption,” Discussant: José Luis Enríquez

April 29: Janaina Saad (LACIS), Title TBA, Discussant: Nicholas Barnes

Fall 2014
October 15: 
Camilla Reuterswärd (Political Science), SSRC Dissertation Funding Proposal, Discussant: Tatiana Alfonso

November 12: Jonas Bens (Anthropology), “Translating Indigeneity in Courts in the Americas: An Ethnographic Study of Legal Texts,” Discussant: José Luis Enriquez

December 10: Tatiana Alfonso, “Redistributing through Property Rights? Collective Land Tenure Systems and Welfare in Latin America,” Discussant: Rachel Schwartz

Spring 2014
February 18: Rachel Schwartz (Political Science), “Natural Resource Conflict, Resistance, and the Legacies of Violence in Guatemala,” Discussant: Camilla Reuterswärd

March 4: Alberto Vargas (LACIS), Discussion of Title VI and the Social Sciences at UW-Madison

April 10: Emily Sellars (Political Science/Agricultural and Applied Economics), “Does Emigration Inhibit Reform? Evidence from the Mexican Agrarian Movement, 1915-1945”

April 29: Camilla Reuterswärd (Political Science), “Abortion Policy and Backlash: The Case of Uruguay,” Discussant: José Luis Enríquez

Fall 2013

October 1: Christina Ewig (Political Science), “The Power of Inclusion? Gender, Ethnicity, and Representation in Peru,” Discussant: Camilla Reuterswärd

October 29: Martina Kunovic (Sociology), “Navigating Rapid Social Change: Economic Reform and Household Adaptation,” Discussant: José Luis Enríquez

November 19: Javier Rodríguez (Sociology), “The Social Bases of the Vote for the Left in Ecuador 2002-2006,” Discussant: Adam Talkington

December 10: Adam Talkington (Sociology), “Middle Class Mobility in São Paulo,” Discussant: Mario Bruzzone

For more information on related events and resources, visit the Latin American, Caribbean, and Iberian Studies Program (LACIS).