Diversity, Equity and Inclusion

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Department of Political Science Diversity and Equity Committee

The Diversity and Equity Committee’s purpose is to build capacity within the Political Science Department to engage effectively in supporting equity and inclusion, contributing positively toward a climate that values and includes all voices. Our goal is to create a work environment that promotes awareness and acceptance of individual differences, fosters mutual respect, and enables students, staff, and faculty to achieve their highest potential.

Committee Chair
Kathy Cramer, Professor, kathy.cramer@wisc.edu
Committee Members
Cassie Chulick, Undergraduate Advisor, cassie.chulick@wisc.edu
Aleisha Lachette, Graduate Student, lachette@wisc.edu
Faye Lux, Department Administrator, flux@wisc.edu
Nils Ringe, Professor, ringe@wisc.edu
Clint Rooker, Graduate Student, jcrooker@wisc.edu
Marwa Shalaby, Assistant Professor, marwa.shalaby@wisc.edu